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SleepDisorders in Toddlers

Our toddler keepsentering our bed at night, what do we do about it?

Thisarticle is aimed at parents of kids who have trouble sleeping –it's also good to keep in mind that this isn't necessarily a badthing. The fact that a child enters the parents' room is the firstsign the child has begun processing ways to solve the problem, whichlater on becomes a stepping stone along the methodology a child isprocessing this inconvenience. Another step along the way may be theplacement of the child's favorite toy next tothe bed in order to "watch over him or her."

Is a toddler's sleepdisorder that all too different from the one of an adult?

No, it isn't.There is a great number of diseases and disorder that manifestthemselves differently depending on the subject's age. That is why ababy's, a toddler's, a child's, a teenager's, an adult's or asenior's manifestation of a disease displays itself in six completelydifferent ways. With this being true, it is interesting to notice howa sleeping disorder is in no way different from the one of anindividual of any other given stage, albeit the treatment is, slightly different from working with a senior.

How Does One Preventa Toddler's Sleeping Disorder?

Havinga regular sleep routine is equally important for a child as, forexample, flossing. Many parents consider this not to be somethingthat goes without saying, and thus, fail to establish one, let alone being able to prevent sleeping disorders. So developing a regular sleeproutine is most definitely one way of putting a full stop to achild's sleep disorder.

Whatare other Basic Guidelines to Preventing a Toddler's Sleep Disorder?

Other ways may include limiting the nighttime contact with a child. This is because when the child receives more nighttime cuddling , he or she is more likely to refuse to go to sleep without you being there all the time, and that may become an obstacle when it is time to go to sleep – alone.

Bedtime rituals are another good idea. A ritual may be anything from singing a song to reading a storybook – or even a prayer. Anything that is simple enough to copy on a daily basis.

Giving your toddler caffeinated drinks is absolutely out of the question! There is no call that may justify such an act.

The installment of regular routine and habits is of huge help. A child should not only have a regular bedtime and awakening time, there should be more daily habits as well.

And lastly, not allowing your child to spend time in bed during daytime is another strong point, because the more time a toddler spends in bed, the less appealing it is to go to bed when it is time to do so.

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