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Human body has two kidneys, each located above the spine, and their size is like a size of an apple. Their function is the very important for our body, because they filter blood and remove all the unnecessary substances from our body. Apart from that function, kidneys also produce hormones and control blood pressure. It has been proved that a person can live with one kidney because they operate separately, and with dialysis a person can live without kidneys.

Causes of kidney cancer

A cancer appears as a result of changing normal blood cells, which grow and form a mass that we all know under the name of tumor. There are two types of tumors, benign and malignant. A kidney cancer appears in different forms:

1. The first type is called renal cell carcinoma, and a vast number of kidney cancers belong to this type.

2. The second type is called transitional cell carcinoma, and, as it is similar to bladder cancer, it is treated just the same.

3. Sarcoma is a very rare type, and surgery is the only treatment. It can grow a lot, but the good thing is that it doesn’t spread like other types of kidney cancer.

4. A type that occurs in children is called Wilms’ tumor, and the method of the treatment differs from the methods of treatment in the adults.

In order to fight off kidney cancer successfully, doctors have to determine what type of cells has caused it, and having established that, doctors can plan the treatment.

Side Effects

In some cases, side effects of kidney cancer can appear. However, doctors have made a progress in reducing some of the physical side effects. On the other hand, if some of them appear, doctors have many ways in providing relief to these patients. If one has to undergo a treatment from kidney cancer, it is of vital importance to discuss the possible side effects with the doctor. Also, one has to talk with the health care team about the process and the procedure of the treatment, in order to be prepared. Side effects are not the same for every type of kidney cancer, and apart from the physical, emotional side effects occur as well. Once that the treatment ends, a follow-up care plan should be developed. All the necessary tests and examinations should be included in that plan. After the treatment, patients have to pay an extra attention to their diet and life style. It means that smoking and overeating are out of question.

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