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Cancer which originates from the kidneys is known as kidney cancer. Adults suffering from this type of cancer usually have renal cell carcinoma or less frequently transitional cell carcinoma. Children suffering from this disease usually have type of kidney cancer called Wilms’ tumor. Although scientists cannot explain the reason, statistics reveal that the number of patients suffering from kidney cancer is on the rise. Many times, patients discover they have kidney cancer during some medical procedures such as CT scan (computerized tomography) of the abdomen, used for diagnosing or treatment of some conditions or diseases.

Healthy Lifestyle to Prevent Kidney Cancer

Kidney cancer may be prevented with reduction of risks known to contribute to development of this cancer. Live healthier, quit smoking and control your blood pressure regularly to prevent kidney cancer.

Eating healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables, will often be beneficial for your health. It will provide plenty of important minerals, vitamins and antioxidants and prevent development of various health problems, including kidney cancer. Maintain healthy weight or try to lose excess weight, by some exercising and changing your diet. In order to lose some weight decrease the amount of calories you consume regularly and try to exercise at least 30 minutes every day and the results will be visible very soon. Consult your doctor and ask him for some advice how to lose weight. Losing excess weight will ensure decrease of health risks regarding kidney cancer as well.

Quit smoking if you have not already managed to do so. Find the help and support you need and do that for your health. You can seek some counseling, support programs or simply use nicotine patches or some other nicotine replacement products to help you stop smoking. Your doctor may also prescribe certain medications or advise something else you need to quit smoking, so make sure to consult him/her.

Your blood pressure is also a significant factor, so keep it under control at all times. Weight loss, regular physical activity and some other lifestyle changes will positively affect high blood pressure and decrease the chance to develop kidney cancer.

Avoid Environmental Toxins

Try to avoid any exposure to environmental toxins to prevent development of cancers in your body. People working with some toxic substances should be especially careful and always wear protective gear. In the United States, your employer must inform you about the possibility of exposure to certain chemicals. Use that and make sure to be protected and safe at your job at all times.

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