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Scratched eye treatment

A medical term for a scratched eye is corneal abrasion. The cornea is the white part of the eye and it covers the iris. A scratch on the cornea usually appears when the surface layer gets injured. A person will instantly know that there has been an injury because his or her eye will hurt, he or she will experience photo phobia which is an uneasy sensation usually accompanied with a lot of tears. The tears and even the swelling of the cornea will cause blurred vision. Tears may even cause a crusty buildup.

The usual cause of this problem is the poking of the eye with either a finger or something pointed. If a person gets some grit in the eye or simply rubs it that may scratch the cornea as well. Even an eyelash hair can cause a scratched eye when a person is forced to rub it out. Another cause of this problem could be a contact lens which is left in the eye for longer than it should. There are many more causes of a scratchy eye problem.

How to cure a scratched eye at home

The best thing to do when this problem occurs is to go to the hospital. However, it is far worse if it is left untreated so there are a couple of things a person can do to help his or her eye from ending up with a corneal ulcer. A minor irritation can be treated with clean tap water. A person can even use salt and water to thoroughly clean the eye. A person can do this by simply tilting the head backwards and pouring the water directly in the eye. This is considered to be one of the best treatments. A person should remember to do this only if the scratch is a minor one. If the pain is severe and there is swelling a person can apply a cold compress in order to ease the pain. Another thing a person should not forget is to wear sunglasses whenever he or she goes outside with a scratched eye.

Medical treatment for scratched eye

If a person has a severe damage of the cornea he or she should go to a ophthalmologist. An ophthalmologist can recommend eye-drops which will help in this case. If the matter is pressing, the doctor can use anesthetic eye-drops which will ease the pain straight away. If there is a chance of some metallic deposits ending up in the cornea a doctor may recommend a tetanus shot.

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