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Corneal abrasion healing time

The medical term for a scratched cornea is corneal abrasion. This happens when a person damages the surface of the epithelial layer of the cornea somehow. A person who has damaged the cornea may also experience epithelial defects and corneal edema as well. However, more common symptoms are eye pain, a feeling that there is some foreign object in the eye, swollen eyelids and blurred vision. The treatment does not last for too long but the healing time may be from 7 days to a whole year. It all depends on the seriousness of the damage.

Corneal abrasion causes

There are plenty of reasons how a person may damage the cornea. However, the most common is the intrusion of a foreign object in the eye. This foreign object may be a sand particle or it can be a branch of a tree which has grazed the eye. These foreign objects in the eye can make even more damage of the eye if they are not taken out on time. They will also prolong the healing time of the cornea. Apart from these intrusions of foreign objects a person can damage the cornea via some eye infection and even exposure to ultraviolet light.

Corneal abrasion treatment

The doctor will determine the treatment plan depending on the severity of the damage. If the scratch is a minor one there will be no need for medical attention. In some cases a person will need to take certain antibiotic for a period of time in order not to get some infection. Antibiotics are also prescribed when there is a need to ease the pain. It is not uncommon that a person gets injected with a tetanus vaccine if there is a chance of the particle in the eye being some rusted metal particle. However, in case of a recurrent abrasion, a person may need to undergo a laser eye surgery. This is because the surgery will cure different ocular disorders. The name of the surgery is phototherapeutic keratectomy. Even though cases when corneal abrasion leads to corneal ulcer are pretty rare they do happen. When this happens a person will have to undergo a corneal transplant in order to restore vision. Corneal abrasion healing time
In most cases, the abrasion will be cured in a matter of a couple of days but it will depend on the severity of the injury. It is important that the person is very careful not to damage the eye further while recovering. This means that physical activities are out of the question. An important thing to remember is that hands must be clean whenever a person touches the eyes and that he or she should not share eye medications.

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