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Children call other children names all the time and it even though it is not nice to hear it, it is somewhat natural. However, there are cases when a parent or even a teacher calls a child certain names that are erroneously off putting like stubborn, violent, careless and disobedient. Other names that are usually used are aggressive, delinquent and defiant. Children of all ages can be affected with either mild or severe hearing loss and that condition can sometimes go unnoticed by both parents and the teacher. Parents need to know that these cases can be treated by a physician. A parent needs to know that there are certain hearing tests that can be used for free.

Symptoms of deafness

A certain physician claims that if a child does not speak by the age of two is possibly deaf. This inability to speak is according to the physician a symptom of deafness. The parents need to understand how hearing and speech are affiliated needs in order for them to consider the way children use imitation to learn to speak.

Infant talking

The infant cannot form words until he or she is older than six months. Until that time the infant will only babble. After that, he or she will learn to use sounds in order to create a reaction. It is important that the parents in that period talk to the child in order for him to select sounds that evoke pleasurable responses. In time, the infant will be able to recognize words and sentences. It is very important that the parents encourage their child to speak. A child whose parents lack the affection for him or her not to mention unpleasant tones all the time is more likely to end up with weakened speech skills.

A certain physician says that there is a normal pattern of speech development. A one year old child should be able to speak up to three words. Once the baby is 18 months old, he or she should able to know 20 words and two word groups. A child of two should be able to speak some 250 words and even make sentences.

In order to test whether a child is unable to hear properly there is no need for some sophisticated apparatus. Footsteps or a loud voice from the next room are easily heard. If a parent realizes that the child is having hearing problems, he or she should tell that to the doctor immediately. Babies who were born deaf have a chance of hearing with a hearing aid. In most cases children with some hearing difficulties will not have go to a special institution for the deaf.

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