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When a parent realizes their child has an issue with their speech it can be quite a worrying time. In this day and age, there are so many medical advances and forms of treatment that make it far easier to help and correct problems with a child’s speech.

Who Needs Speech Therapy

If a child has a language disorder it means it can be in the rectification of sounds, or in understanding or simply issues with putting words together to make meaningful sentences. If the problem is detected it is then important to start a treatment program straight away. It is also important for a parent to be aware of the issues that can come under the umbrella of this disorder such as voice disorder which include problems with the volume, rhythm, pitch, speed and quality of the voice. Also they can have issues with their fluency like stuttering, which means there is an inclination to repeat, prolong sounds, syllables and have irregular stoppages. There are also disorders called articulation disorders and these include the child having phonetic difficulties in producing sounds in their syllables or perhaps saying their words incorrectly. On top of these there is also Dysphagia or oral feeding disorders meaning there may be swallowing difficulties. A child can also have receptive language disorder which is the complication in understanding the senses of words. A child can also suffer with expressive language disorder which is the incapability to use language suitably for the reason that of limited vocabulary and production of unmeaning sentences. Other than these that have been mentioned there are also some other reasons such as motor planning disorder, cognitive development delays, hearing impairment, weak oral muscles, autism, imperfections like a cleft lip or cleft palate, or a brain injury.

Speech therapists

The therapists will use a variety of techniques to treat children, depending on their character requirement. The center is to construct memory, alphabet, phonics and articulation. Some of the common methods of speech therapy activities are as follows.

Types of Therapy for the Speech of ChildrenLanguage Intervention Activities which mean there is lots of play involved using things like conversation, books, pictures, objects, puppets and role-play. This is done to help with their vocabulary. Articulation Activities work on the production of sound and phonetics by showing how to use the tongue. Oral Motor Activity is a therapy that strengthens the muscles in the child’s mouth.

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