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Every person knows that the eye is one of the five sense organs of the body. The eye is responsible for the ability to see. However, the eye is also one of the most sensitive organs in the body. People should take more care of their eyes. People who do not take proper care about their eyes are more likely to suffer from various eye diseases and problems. For instance, glaucoma is one such problem. Not every person knows exactly what glaucoma is. Glaucoma is a group of several eye diseases that attack the optic nerves, hurt them and slowly result in blindness. There are several major causes of eyesight and glaucoma is considered to be the second major reason. In a lot of cases a person is not even aware that he or she suffers from glaucoma until it becomes way too late. This is why people need to know more about the causes and symptoms of glaucoma.

What is glaucoma of the eye?

The eye consists of nerves and a lot of blood vessels. The aqueous humor is responsible for the moisture and lubrication of the eye. It is also responsible for balancing the pressure inside the eye. However, when a person suffers from glaucoma, the aqueous humor remains inside the eye either because of blockage or due to its excess secretion. This is why the pressure builds up and that damages the nerves. Too much pressure leads to blindness.

Generic drugs

There are various factors that lead to eye disease. Glaucoma is considered to be one of the more common eye diseases. People need to know that there are various medications and that can help a person treat his or her eye disease. The bad thing about branded medications is that they cost a lot and not all people can afford them. However, there are drugs that do not cost as much but are just as effective. Glaucoma is known to cause a lot of pressure and pain to the eye and in many cases it ends up with person becoming blind. Bimatoprost, Brimonidine Tatrate and Cyclosporine are some of the drugs people can use to treat glaucoma that are not cheap. These medications are supposed to treat the eye disease and reduce pain. All of these drugs are FDA approved and people may use them because they are quite effective. However, people should not use these drugs for anything else apart from eye treatment. People who experience any kind of pain in the eye should go to the hospital and the doctor will tell them what drugs to use. There are also liquid drugs that people should drop directly into the eye.

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