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Anorexia nervosa, contrary to popular belief, has nothing to do with one's eating habits. Surely, it manifests through a person entering a stage of starvation in order to maintain weight which is far below the healthy level for his/her age. However, the causes of anorexia are rooted deeply into the subconsciousness of the suffering person and are emotional. Basically, anorexia nervosa presents an unhealthy way of dealing with problems, connecting being thin with your self-esteem, which is a very counter-productive factor. Thus, anorexic patients may be hard to treat, due to their misconceptions, but can be treated nevertheless.

How to Prevent Anorexia Nervosa

Note that there are numerous possible ways of treating this eating disorder. Yet, not all of these will work on all individuals. The first step involves identifying the cause behind the eating disorder. Family physicians, pediatricians, internists and other members of the medical staff may be the first ones in position of identifying this problem since they may get in contact with the anorexic person first. Also, the family members may need to look for signs of low self-esteem, connected with bad eating habits in a member of their family. Once these symptoms begin to manifest, early treatment is the best solution.

Home Treatment

Home treatment works good only when combined with medical therapy. Thus, you first need to seek professional counseling through psychotherapy or other means of treatment. Then, you need to make sure that you never skip your therapy and that you follow any instructions given religiously. Meals need to be eaten regularly and you should never skip them, regardless of your appetite or lack of will power. Also, if you are not eating that much, you must compensate for your losses by taking vitamin and mineral supplements.

Next, do not blame your family members for trying to help you. Rather, spend time with them and enjoy their company since all these people only want to see you healthy and happy. Finally, try skipping looking at the mirror for a while. This process may create paranoia which will force you into starvation anew.

Alternative Treatments for Anorexia

Alternative medicine is known to be very helpful in situations like these. For example, learning and practicing yoga regularly can prove to be great for boosting your self-control and relaxing your mind as well as your body.

Finally, never forget what your ideal weight is and know that it is a normal state of being, however strange it may look to you at that moment. Know that anorexia is a disease and not something to be proud of. Thus, free yourself from it as soon as possible. Find positive role models. Numerous people have battled anorexia successfully and are leading happy lives today. You can do it too. Also, if you desire to join a support group, find one in your area and do not hesitate to contact it.

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