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What is peptic ulcer?

Thecondition is caused by having an ulceration which may be caused by anumber of reasons. There are different types of ulcers. This articlediscusses one of the sort: peptic ulcer.

Pepticulcer is the ulcer of the gastrointestinal tract. The symptomsinclude: abdominal pain, nausea, heartburns, vomiting or evenbleeding, and so forth.

Thecauses of peptic ulcer may vary. Amongst the most commonly recognizedcauses of peptic ulcer (according to both the statistic as well aspop culture) would have to be stress. Other causes may include theperson's lifestyle and dietary habits, the use of certain types of medicine and bacterial and other infections. Also, certain types offoods are known to trigger the medical condition as well.

Itis very important to identify the symptoms of peptic ucler at an asearly as possible stage, that they may be prevented whilst they'restill relatively harmless as easy to cure.

Treatmentsof peptic ulcer should include the use of medication (such asantibiotics), the use of proton pump inhibitors and proper pepticulcer dieting. And this article discusses the properties of thepeptic ulcer patient's recommended diet.

What is therecommended diet for peptic ulcer disease patients?

Firstoff it is important to note that proper dieting is amongst the mosteffective peptic ulcer treatments. This is because the diet mayalleviate the patient of the symptoms much faster than any medicationavailable today.

The previously mentioned foods which are known to trigger the symptomsshould be avoided at all times by the peptic ulcer patient since thayincrease the acidity and, hence, also the irritation in the stomach.

Thesefoods include: corn, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, green peppers,sauerkraut, tomatoes, citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, grapefruits,etc.), berries, milk products (along the lines of whole milk, strongflavored cheeses, buttermilk), seasoned and fried meat and fish, chili sauce, pepper, garlic, pickles, powder, chips and other friedsnacks, coconut, candy, chocolate, coffee and other caffeinateddrinks.

Tosum it up in a way, a peptic ulcer patient's diet oughta mostdefinitely exclude all and any spicy or fried foods.

Onthe other hand, the following foods should be perfectly safelyconsumed by the peptic ulcer patient: wholegrain bread, muffins andtortillas, eggs, lean meats, tofu, soup, syrup, sugar, honey, jelly,pretzels, waffles and rice cakes.

Inaddition, most raw fruits and vegetables should also be safe toconsume.

Apeptic ulcer patient should always prefer to eat four to five smallermeals, rather than fewer larger ones. The meals should be eatenslowly, and relaxation should be engaged in before any activity afterhaving meals.

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