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Lymph System and Lymphadenitis

Lymphatic system main function is to filter the fluid fromthe body and take it back to the blood. Other functions of lymphatic system include:the defense from the infections and even cancer in the body and breaking downthe clots that appear in the circulation.

If you can feel cysts and pain under your armpit you are likelyto suffer from a medical condition called lymphadenitis. This condition isactually a swelling of the lymph glands located in the armpit, which has causedthe pain.

The causes of lymphadenitis might be as simple as shavingand the use of some antiperspirants. These are quite frequent in teenagers thatjust started shaving. Abscesses could also cause painful lump under thearmpit. In some cases, the swelling is a sign of an infection,especially if it is associated with fever and other flu-like symptoms. The causesof the infection are usually staphylococcal and streptococcal bacteria, butviruses, fungi, protozoa and tuberculosis bacillus as the cause of the armpitlumps are also possible. Extremely rarely, painful cyst under the armpit may becaused by some form of the cancer. As in any illness, it is important to consultthe doctor and be properly diagnosed, before jumping to any conclusions.

Using some lab tests, doctor will diagnose the exact causeof the swollen lymph node. The usual tests are blood test, to count the white bloodcells or to grow a culture, and sometimes a biopsy of the lymph node.

Remedies for Lymphadenitis

The cyst might pass for a day or two, if you start takingsome vitamin E supplements. This vitamin is known to have excellent antioxidantproperties, and has no known side effects. When the pain is severe, this mightbe the first thing to do, but make sure you arranged an appointment at the doctors’.Although this use of vitamin E is not scientifically confirmed, patients haveexperienced that just taking vitamins could be enough to ease the pain and makethe lump go away.

A natural remedy is water melon. It is proven that the watermelonis rich in substances able to detoxify the organism, thus helpful inlymphadenitis.

Some recommend the use of the lemon juice, to take care ofthe swollen lymph nodes. Take it as it is or dilute with some water and drinkit.

It is advisable to be on a high vegetable protein diet,while treating the lymphadenitis. Eat more seeds, brown rice and sprouts.

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