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Osteosarcomais caused by the malignancy in the osteoblast bone cells. There is noidentified cause of this type of the bone cancer so far. Scientists research theeffects of fluorides in the drinking water and radiotherapy to the bones, tryingto identify the potential causes on osteosarcoma. This type of cancer is one ofthe common cancers in children and young people.

Primary osteosarcomais usually located around the shin bone, near the shoulder and at the knee, andthe metastasis often affects tissue around the primary cancer or the lungs. First symptomsare the pain and sometimes swelling and some of the patients might experiencepathological fractures, due to the weakness of the affected bone.

Diagnosis andTreatment of Osteosarcoma

Diagnosis isestablished after some imaging studies and bone biopsy, which enables thedoctors to properly locate and stage the cancer. Prognosis mainly depends on thelocation and spread of the osteosarcoma and if the tumor is localized there issome good news for the patient.

The best wayto treat osteosarcoma is complete surgical removal of the affected bone, butmost of the patient’s bones are salvageable. Doctors might recommend chemotherapybefore the surgery, usually for several weeks before the surgical procedure.

Surgery mayinvolve inserting a metal rod inside the bone or complete removal of the limb(amputation) and external prosthesis. Sometimes, chemotherapy is also a treatmentof choice after the surgery, along with the medications to treat nausea,vomiting and anemia.

Patients withprosthesis are required to learn to use them, with the help of prostheticexperts and post-op physical therapy. The functionality of the limb is usuallymaintained if the surgeons were able to keep the joint near the amputated legor arm.

You shouldbe aware that osteosarcoma has low survival rates, especially in children. Ingeneral, about 65 - 70% of the patients survive 5 years after the treatment.

Treatments Abroad

High costsof the osteosarcoma treatment could lead the patients to look for some more affordabletreatments abroad. Several countries have been known to have appropriatemedical experts and infrastructure to help these patients. Costs of the surgeryand post operative treatments are much lower in Mexico, India, Turkey orJordan. Sometimes, you could save up to 70% of the costs just going to thesecountries for the surgery.

Keep in mindthat prosthetic devices do not last forever. Internal prosthesis last for some20 years and external for 5, maximally 7 years, and after that time they shouldbe replaced.

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