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As most of the peoplealready know, it can be said for heart that it performs the function much alike that of thepump, and that it is responsible for pumping the blood through the blood vessels. In turn,the blood that goes through those blood vessels is known to put the pressure onthe inner walls and it is this that is commonly regarded as the blood pressureitself. When it comes to the blood pressure and adults, it can be said that onecan either have regular blood pressure, low blood pressure and highor elevated blood pressure. This article is seton dealing primarily with the blood pressure in adults which is regarded as normal.

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Once a person feelsunwell and visits a doctor, the first thing s/he does is perform a bloodpressure check up by way of sphygmomanometer.This device is put around the person’s arm, and by means of a rubber bulb it pumpsthe air in the cuff. A direct result of this is the stoppage of blood flow to thearm vessels. Once the doctor releases the air inside the cuff for the purposeof reinstating the blood flow once again, this results in occurrence of thepressure in blood vessels of the person’s arm.

When it comes toreal-time pressure representation, i.e. the technical side of the entireprocess, the blood pressure is expressed in two distinct values – systolic anddiastolic blood pressure. In this regard, the adult blood pressure considered as regular has the value of 120/80 (120 over 80) with the first valuerepresenting systolic, and the second value representing diastolic pressure. Bothof these pressures combined are tell tale values of the current state of theblood pressure inside the blood vessels while the heart itself is contractingand resting. The moment a doctor releases the air from the cuff, he/she employsthe expertise of a stethoscope to monitor the contraction and the relaxation ofthe person’s heart and is able to read the person’s systolic and diastolicpressure, respectively.

Coming back to thepressure measuring device, some of its basic and important properties need to be pointed out. Namely, the calibrated glass tube (animportant part of the device itself) is filled with mercury. The levels of themercury are used as indicators of the person’s blood pressure at theparticular moment when the designated doctor begins measuring it. Also, it is importantto know that the blood pressure is of extremely variable nature, meaning thatit tends to change from minute to minute. Those factors that influence it to agreat extent are a person’s life style, posture, exercises, and emotional stress.

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