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The problem of the ingrown toenail, scientifically called Onychocryptosis, happens when the parts on the both sides of a nail start to grow into the skin and, deeper, into the flesh. The first symptom is the sensation of the pain that can also be a kind of pulsating. That area firstly becomes swollen and reddish, but if the condition gets more complicated, the infection, followed with pus, can be included.

This problem usually affects the big toes, since there is a lot of pressure on the big toes’ nails when walking, for example. Also wearing inappropriate shoes that are tight and narrow can worsen the problem.

But, in most cases, the problem of the ingrown toenails affects those who don’t know how to cut the toenails properly. That is, the toenails mustn’t be too short and they should be cut in the straightest line possible (in order to prevent the nail from curving inwards). Of course, it is better not to remove the nail’s edges from the swollen area, since it may be attacked by bacteria that way. Concerning this matter, a good advice s to buy a nail clipper that is especially designed for clipping the nails properly, and it can be bought in all the pharmacies.

Besides the mentioned technique of the proper nail-clipping treatment, there is a good homemade treatment for solving this problem. The home remedy is actually a bath of the diluted soap in the warm water. The foot with the affected toe should be soaked in this bath, and even better effect will be provided if the soap is antibacterial. A quarter of an hour is often enough time for this. Soaking is very beneficial treatment for this problem, mostly because it makes the nails and the skin around them softer.

This treatment should be done once a day. Of course, the foot should be washed and dried carefully after that. But, there are some additional and helpful activities that should be done after the mentioned process, and apart from that, two times more during a day. Those are applying the very beneficial remedies, such as Calendula cream and Tea Tree Oil. This is actually the treatment with the antiseptics.

In the conclusion, if one repeats all this activities and steps regularly, the problem should be solved in a few days. Nevertheless, if it gets more complicated after the homemade treatment, it is highly advisable to seek medical help.

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