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Ingrown toenail remedies

Causes and Characteristics of Ingrown Toenail

Simply, as the name itself suggests, an ingrown toenail is a toenail which has grown into the skin, causing pain and discomfort, often getting infected. This situation can be quite troublesome and may cause one many problems beside the pain. Most commonly, the formation of ingrown toenails is triggered by wearing shoes which are smaller than your actual size. Also, cutting your toenails too short may easily result in the formation of this condition.

Possible Means of Prevention and Treatment

First and foremost, you should wear adequate shoes and avoid cutting your toenails too short. Also, while you are at it, make sure that, when you are cutting or clipping your toenails, you are not making them round. Rather, cut them straight.

As for the possible treatment, there is more than one method of achieving this. If your toenail is causing you pain and troubles due to a bacterial infection affecting it, you might consider immersing your foot into warm salt water. This will kill all the bacteria and remove the pain in time. Also, you might use lemons and lemon juice as an antiseptic of this type as well. Hydrogen peroxide presents a valuable alternative too. Also, applying tea tree oil onto the troublesome spot may provide relief.

Some other methods involve placing floss under the toenail in question, lifting it and placing cotton wool below it, making it possible for your toenail to grow in a regular direction once again. Sometimes, the best remedies are the simplest ones. Thereby, you might experience instant relief by simply washing your feet thoroughly, using an antibacterial soap and warm water.

If your ingrown toe nail is giving you a hard time and you have to wait until any of the above methods starts reducing pain, you are free to take some kind of over-the-counter painkillers, providing yourself ease.

These are all some of the basic remedies which you might find useful once you experience having an ingrown toenail. Bear in mind that the best remedy is actually prevention. Thus, make sure you take good care of your toenails, choosing the right footwear and clipping them right. If ingrown toenails do appear, you might try any of the above mentioned methods. Many of them are bound to work for you. Nevertheless, if you fail to find a cure for your problem, or the ingrown toenail starts getting more and more complicated, seek medical assistance as soon as possible.  

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