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The virus of the human immune deficiency is one of the major threats to the health nowadays. It has affected many people worldwide and it is highly contagious, having in mind that it is most commonly passed on to another individual through the unprotected sexual contact. It starts as an infection but, after some time develops into the Acquired immune deficiency syndrome, and that is the time when it is actually noticeable (the symptoms start to appear), while in the period of just the infection from this virus, one could be sure that he or she is infected only if he or she suspects on this condition and confirms it with the special test.

Unfortunately, there has not yet been found the cure for this viral infection, nor for the syndrome, but there are some very helpful therapies based on the supplements, which could lessen the symptoms a lot. Of course, it all depends on the way the organism accepts them and the reaction they could provoke. However, there is the case of one confirmed method, the professor Foster invented (and he spent a lot of time examining this disease in Africa), and it is based on the supplements which make the symptoms of the disease less troublesome within just a few weeks.

So, this therapy can be confirmed to be effective by certain individual who had suffered from the advanced stage of AIDS, and who, additionally suffered from the complications which are usually tightly associated with this syndrome, such as Hepatitis B and C (manifested as the inflammation of the liver), and the drug abuse.


What professor Foster discovered is basically the effect of the photosensitive chemical element selenium to the sufferers of AIDS, Hepatitis B and C and the Coxsackievirus B3. That is, it could be concluded that the lack of this chemical element aggravates the condition big time, while adding enough amounts of it completely wipes out the troublesome indicators and signs of the AIDS. And, additionally, this is confirmed in some countries by adding the selenium into the fertilizers and hence into the soil, the salt and into the cattle food. At this point, according to Professor Foster, it is important to emphasize that the lack of this mineral in the grounds is most frequently due to the acid rains and mercury. As far as the nutrition is concerned, the depletion of selenium is caused by processing the food too much (e.g. the fast food doesn’t contain it).

It has been also discovered that the monkeys which suffer from the combination of the HIV and SIV (the ‘’ancestor ’’ of HIV) viruses can’t be infected by HIV, but, unfortunately this is not the result of testing it in the laboratories, but, in the wilderness.

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