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The people affected by this condition will experience tingling sensation in the hands and fingers, pain and numbness. Along with these symptoms, we can also add the weakness and decreased sensation of the hand. The most affected and sensitive areas of the finger are middle, index, ring and the thumb. This condition is created by the nerve damage, and it is a result of the repetitive and yet improper use of fingers and hands. The nerve which is damaged is median nerve. It can get compresses when it goes through the carpal tunnel. This is how the problem is created. Pregnancy, arthritis, obesity and diabetes can also cause the condition.


Let’s move on to the treatment. The first treatment includes acupressure. This method uses pressure, which is put on the acupressure points. By doing this, reduction of numbness and increased blood flow will occur. You can also use some vitamins, supplements and medicines. Combination of enzyme products or supplements may help. Although the results will be visible after several weeks, this is very effective remedy. A person suffering from carpal tunnel condition can use vitamin B12 or arnica. The vitamin B12 will need to be consumed for a very long time, approximately two years. It will have to be consumed every day, around 1500 mcg of it. Acupuncture is another method of the treatment, and it is based on the belief that needles inserted in certain position will unblock the energy flow. These ways of the energy are called Meridians. The problem occurs because of the blockage, and acupressure eliminates it successfully. The locations for the needle’s insertion are arm, hands, wrist, leg, thumb, neck and upper back. The treatment with this method can be very diverse, and the professional will determine how many treatment sessions will be required. Laser acupressure is also possible, and almost every other patient was cured by this treatment. But it will take more than one and less than two years. Vitamin B6 can also help, since the reduction of this vitamin in our system may be the reason for the carpal tunnel creation. Food like brown rice, chick peas, chicken, bananas, bok choy, pork, avocados, salmon, turkey, mangoes, barley and potatoes are rich in vitamin B6. Feldenkras will help you to learn how to move properly. For the treatment, you can also use yoga. Practicing yoga two times a week can give results after eight weeks. Another remedy which can be used is the Hellerwork, which has three elements. Treatment with deep tissue, learning about the postures and addressing the sensations which cause muscle lock are those three elements. People who used chiropractic method showed very good results.

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