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Everybody gets headaches sometimes, and there are many underlying causes. Expectant mothers often find that they have more frequent headaches than ever before. Pregnancy headaches can strike at any stage during pregnancy, but most women find they are worse during one trimester than the others. What is behind pregnancy headaches? Are they normal? And what are the cures?

Like most other things in pregnancy, headaches are predictably partially caused by hormonal changes. But there are many other factors that contribute to more frequent headaches when you are expecting including insomnia, fatigue, and dehydration. Low blood sugar levels are another common reason for headaches, as well as higher stress levels which some pregnant women experience. During the final weeks of pregnancy, headaches can also be triggered by pressure on your internal organs and blood vessels, and in some cases headaches can be a symptom of preeclampsia. If you are suffering from terrible headaches, make sure to tell your doctor or midwife about it, so that they can keep an eye on other preeclampsia symptoms and signs too.

When you are struggling with frequent pregnancy headaches, try and get more rest, and also make sure that you get enough fresh air. Drinking plenty of water is important for many reasons during pregnancy, and avoiding headaches can be added to the list. In fact, dehydration is the first cause you should examine when you get another headache. Some doctors advise using over the counter pain killers for pregnancy headaches, but there is evidence to suggest that over the counter painkillers may not be safe during pregnancy. Before you turn to paracetamol, try the aforementioned, natural steps to cure pregnancy headaches. Are you looking for other pregnancy signs? We have made a giant list that covers almost every symptom you could possibly get while you are expecting!

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