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There are many different reasons a woman can be recommended to go on bed rest during pregnancy carrying twins or having a history of premature labor are just two examples. Bed rest during pregnancy does not always take the same form either. When we think about bed rest during pregnancy, we think of a woman in a hospital who isn't allowed to move at all. But, bed rest is often modified in accordance with the needs of the pregnant woman and her baby.


So, what is modified bed rest? In short, your bed rest is modified to your situation. If you are expecting twins, your doctor may advise you to take it easy and spend most of your day on the couch or even in bed, without telling you to avoid getting up at all. You may get up to go to the bathroom, but even to enjoy a short walk or cook dinner, for instance. In yet other cases, a pregnant woman may be asked to refrain from sport, sexual intercourse, or other strenuous activities... without having to spend the day in bed.


Bed rest during pregnancy is rather common, actually. Frequent reasons for bed rest are a high blood pressure, an incompetent cervix (which is a cervix that doesn't stay closed), bleeding, placental complications, problems with the development or the baby, and very commonly carrying twins or higher multiples.

Because everyone's situation is different when it comes to bed rest during pregnancy, asking your doctor as many questions as possible about what you are and are not allowed to do during your bed rest. Is getting up to go to the bathroom OK? Is it OK to do light household tasks, or even to walk around? How many hours a day should you stay in bed, or is sitting OK too? Whatever it is that interests you during your bed rest, don't hesitate to ask the doctor about it. In the end, calling your doctor with questions may be the most exciting thing about your day!

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