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A Man's Best Friend

Dogs have had the title of being bestfriends and companions of humans throughout our history. Trainedwell, they are able to assist in many things including solving crimes,hunting, finding things, saving people from critical situations andmany other. However, one of the most humane actions a dog can doinvolves helping blind people. These guide dogs act as eyes for thosewho cannot see, providing them with caution, protection andcompanionship throughout their endeavors.

A Guide for the Blind

These noble canines are trained fornoble purposes. Moreover, they are usually given to people in needfor free. Various organizations lead by people wanting to help,provide these dogs adequate training and allow blind people to enjoytheir company.

A guide dog, once given to a blindperson, develops an inseparable bond with its owner. Namely, the twofunction successfully, depending on one another. The dog assists theblind person in the house as well as while out, guiding andprotecting. Moreover, these dogs are taught basic traffic rules andare able to recognize traffic lights and signs, able to warn theirmaster in cases of danger or other situations. There is a series ofcommands the dog is taught to recognize and respond to, thus makingthis communication and bonding even stronger. The blind person takescare of the dog, feeding it and giving it shelter inside his or herown home.

Nevertheless, before the two bond,series of different tests need to be conducted. First of all, thevisually impaired person undergoes tests helping the trainers pick upan adequate dog, suiting the needs of its future owner. Then, the twohave to spend time together, getting used to one another, and learninghow to function in this equally dependent situation.

Be Humane Yourself

Every individual may help in thisincredibly positive system. By becoming a member of an organizationproviding blind people with guide dogs, you may be given a puppywhich you are to raise and teach right until it is old enough tostart being trained for being a guide dog.

Additionally, as long as theseorganizations have enough funds, the dogs will be free for those indire need of their assistance. Therefore, donations are highlywelcome and you will be helping the cause greatly solely by givingwhatever you can spare.

Finally, these organizations haveevolved greatly, training dogs for other people as well. Disabled ormentally challenged may also benefit from having an assistance in theform of this noble best friend. In order for all this to live on, youyourself may contribute in whichever way you can.

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