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Lyme Disease and Nutrition

Lyme disease was discovered in 1975, when a group ofchildren experienced symptoms similar to arthritis and caused by the tick bite.Before that time, no one seemed to have this problem, and people began to thinkabout that fact.

Some ticks carry the bacteria in their system. When suchtick bites the human, bacteria get transferred to the human organism and maycause Lyme disease. As the possible explanation how come the Lyme disease justappeared out of nowhere, there is one answer – the drastic change in diet ofmodern people. Humans are far more prone to Lyme disease now, than 30 yearsago, because the nutrition has changed.

Average American diet contains less fibers and less sodiumthan ever before. At the same time, the amount of processed food people eatevery day is on the raise, as well as the amount of fat, cholesterol andpreservatives added to the food we consume. So, researchers found out that theamount of sodium affects the risk of development of Lyme disease. Lower consumptionof salt might be blamed for this medical problem.

The problem emerged when modern medicine declared sodiumunhealthy. Well, in fact, high intake of sodium may be responsible for highblood pressure, which is also one of the serious medical conditions. However,low intake of sodium may also affect your health, and cause you more likely todevelop Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s disease or chronic fatiguesyndrome.

Remedy for Lyme Disease

For patients suffering from Lyme disease doctors usuallyprescribe antibiotics. These drugs do work, but carry many side effects whichare almost inevitable. Natural remedies might also be very helpful, but manybelieve that doctors are not trained to believe natural treatments, since thisis something they are not taught in schools.

The body of a patients suffering from Lyme disease requiressodium for a constant period of time and natural remedies provide for thatneed. Optimal performance of the human immune system is necessary for the bodyto be able to fight the Lyme disease-provoking bacteria.

Health experts specialized in natural medicine claim thatthe cure for Lyme disease lies in the remedy which contains sodium. You don’t needto take high amounts of sodium and negatively affect your blood pressure. Moderateamounts of this mineral, taken over a certain period of time are believed to beable to fight the bacteria responsible for the Lyme disease.

Some remedies available on the market these days claim to becheap and extremely efficient, working against tick bacteria in less than 24hours.

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