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Lyme disease is a disease which can be caused by at least three species of bacteria, all of them are from the group of Borrelia. If a deer tick bites a human, it can easily transmit this disease to him or her, since it is one of the most common carriers of Lyme disease. Some of the first symptoms are similar to the symptoms of a common flu, or they are related to headache, fever and skin rash. However, if they are not recognized and treated in time, they might develop into more serious symptoms which are related to the abnormalities in the joints, heart and central nervous system, and they may even cause the meningitis and depression. If these symptoms are left untreated as well, the symptoms which will develop and may be even impossible to treat later, and they may remain forever. Such condition is arthritis. This is why it is important to pay attention to the first symptoms, especially because they can easily be treated by antibiotics.

When it comes to the possibility to cure Lyme disease, the fact is that the great majority of the cases can be cured successfully. As it has already been said, antibiotics are used for the treatment of the first symptoms of this disease, and which of them will be prescribed depends on the stage of the disease, on the part of the body which is infected, and on the patient’s condition. However, the most frequently used are amoxicillin, in cases of children, doxycycline, in cases of adults, and erythromycin, if pregnant women are infected. Later symptoms, such as those which are related to the nervous system, will probably have to be treated by ceftriaxone and penicillin G. In order to relieve the pain or some other symptoms, painkillers will probably be used. As for the symptoms of the arthritis, such as swollen joints for example, the procedure of removing the fluid from them is usually applied. In order to reduce inflammation and improve the function if necessary, ibuprofen is a commonly used medicine.

Even though it is possible to cure this illness, it is highly recommended to pay a bit more attention to the prevention, especially if a person is about to visit an area which is known by ticks. There are spraying repellants available, and they should be used. Until some ten years ago, there was also a Lyme disease vaccine on the market, but it was withdrawn because further studies were needed and were to be conducted.

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