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For many people acid reflux can cause a lot of problems. Apart from causing a lot of pain, a person who is pretty socially active for instance cannot feel relaxed and consume all the delicacies that are being served at all the parties he or she goes to. Acid reflux occurs when the acid from the stomach hurts the esophageal lining. Even though a single attack is quite troublesome the matter gets worse if the attacks are frequent because that can lead to scar tissue formation. A scar tissue that does not heal in time may cause the showing up of ulcers and even specific cancers of the esophagus. The usual reason why all of this might happen is because of the bad food a person eats. In order to avoid this from happening a person needs to know which foods are ok for him or her to eat and which are not. A person who eats all the wrong types of food will probably need to change his or her entire diet.

Why are some foods a problem?

Acid reflux is a process. First, the food goes into the stomach through the esophagus and then it gets digested. When digested, the food remains in the stomach, held there by the action of a valve. Because of all the acid in the stomach, sometimes the valve opens because of the too much pressure and then the acid moves to the esophagus. Because of this it is important that a person excludes or reduces the amount of intake of acid forming foods.

Common foods to avoid for acid reflux

Red meat is the first type of food a person should avoid eating in order to lessen the chance of ending up with acid reflux. A person should consume more fish instead of the red meat. The consumption of dairy products and chocolate should also be reduced. Whole grain bread should be used instead of pasta or macaroni. Fruits and vegetables should be ok but taken only in moderate quantities. Tomato and all tomato-based products should be excluded from the diet. The right foods for people who suffer from acid reflux
A lot of people will have a problem when it comes to what foods they can and should eat. However, they should know that it is not that hard as it might seem. All people react differently to various foods so everyone's diet plan will not be the same. Because of that it is important that a person finds out which foods cause acid reflux in their case.

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