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Multiple myeloma and the main characteristics

Multiple myeloma is a type of cancer, or more precisely, it is a cancer of plasma cells. These cells are a type of white blood cells, they can be found in the bone marrow and they are in charge of making antibodies that are necessary in fighting various infections. The reason why this kind of cancer occurs lies in the fact that a group of abnormal plasma cells begins to multiply, thus increasing their level much more above the normal, as well as the production of antibodies. This affects the red blood cells count, bones, and the immune system in the first place.

The cure for this disease has not been found so far, but there are many clinical trials, though even without the, there are options that offer very good chances for keeping the symptoms under control. Stem cell transplantation is also one of the options, though not always, mostly because not all the patients are good candidates for this procedure.

Symptoms of multiplemyeloma

When it comes to this disease, the fact is that the symptoms can be different, and it is very likely that they will vary from case to case. Generally, at the beginning, symptoms are not present, but as the disease progresses and develops, the symptoms begin to appear. The results of blood and urine tests will show the presence of abnormal proteins, but this symptom may also indicate several other conditions besides multiple myeloma, which is why the doctors never rely on this one only. Another symptom that is usually present is increased level of calcium in the blood, but if this is the case, then the person will probably also become more susceptible to various infections, and he or she will begin to feel either excessive thirst and frequent urination, or loss of appetite and weight, nausea and constipation. Pain in the bone, weakness or numbness in legs, and unexplained bone fractures are also signs typical of multiple myeloma, and there are many more. However, if the person experiences any of them, or even the combination of these symptoms, the doctor should be seen as soon as possible, because these symptoms are practically never a good sign. It is true that some of the symptoms may indicate some other condition besides this one, but it is best to leave the process of setting the diagnosis to the specialist.

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