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Multiple myeloma is a malignant tumor originating from plasma cells of the blood. It is estimated that this cancer affects around 15,000 people in the United States each year. Plasma cells normally produce antibodies. In case of multiple myeloma these cells start to multiply uncontrollably inside different bones, cause lesions and fractures of the affected bones and may significantly interfere in normal production of other blood cells. In case of multiple myeloma the tumor cells produce a specific paraprotein, an abnormal antibody which additionally contributes to many problems such as problems regarding kidney function and synthesis of normal antibodies.

Multiple Myeloma Cells

Unlike normal cells, multiple myeloma cells grow and divide without being restricted, to be more precise, there is no mechanism the body can use to control the growth and multiplication of these cells. Because the production of the tumor cells is rapid and practically does not stop at any moment, this eventually leads to formation of a tumor mass. This tumor mass keeps on growing and eventually becomes responsible for a variety of symptoms which generally depend on the localization and the size of the tumor. Apart from symptoms and signs which are caused directly by the presence of the tumor, cells of multiple myeloma produce abnormal antibodies. These antibodies are released into the bloodstream and may cause many detrimental effects in the body such as kidney failure. The tumor can easily spread to other bones and tissues in the body and lead to additional problems.

Prevention of Multiple Myeloma

Because the actual cause of multiple myeloma has not been identified yet this cancer simply cannot be prevented. Scientists have studied many potential factors and triggers which may contribute to the formation of this cancer and came to conclusion. Multiple myeloma is age-related and may affect certain races more. However, these factors simply cannot be controlled, therefore, the tumor cannot be prevented. Some studies have tried to bring into connection multiple myeloma with obesity and exposure to pesticides. The data regarding these studies are not available yet.

Still, there are some things an individual may do in order to keep the immune system strong. This way our body may recognize tumor initiation and prevent its further progression on time or may prevent the tumor from developing in the first place. We are supposed to eat healthy and abstain from too much sugar, salt, processed and junk food. Intake of all the essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants is of additional help. Regular exercise and relaxation techniques can free us of stress and all its detrimental effects. So, in order to prevent multiple myeloma and other serious medical conditions try to stay as healthy as you can and boost your immune system as much as possible.

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