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Astonishing fact

Perhaps to many of us this maycome as a great surprise, but given the fact that a consensus has been reachedon this matter, it is regarded as true – alcoholism can actually be passed downgenetically. An astonishing revelation, many will most certainly agree. Thismeans that those people whose parents have had issues with this fiery liquidare at a greater risk of running into the same problem than those people who donot share such genetic predispositions.

Of course, this is not to saythat in just about any case this will prove to be hundred percent accurate. Asa matter of fact, there exist an enormous number of various factors andculprits that can exude its influence and intensify the entire problem further.Therefore, it is something that should not be taken for granted and as such isthe fact that in case one or both parents are alcoholics, this would not in astraightforward manner be mirrored to their child. What it does mean, however,is that such a person should be more cautious and of stronger disposition inorder to avoid it.

Fiery water and genes

Since it has been observed andconfirmed that this highly unpleasant problem has the overall tendency to bepassed on to the upcoming generations, there is a strong belief that genes havequite a say in the entire matter. As a direct result of this, there have beenconducted many researches, and quite a number of them are still in the processof completion. What those already completed, as well as numerous clinicalresearches, have revealed is that in case of twins whose parents werealcoholics, even though given up for adoption and thus separated, in the endthey become alcoholics themselves. So it is not that difficult to see why therehas been an increase in the approval of the theory rooted in the geneticpredisposition for alcoholism.

However, a more general andwidely accepted standpoint is that, both genetic “defects” and theenvironmental influence do bring about and initiate the occurrence ofalcoholism. What is meant by environmental influence is the entire specterof different factors such as family life, background of the person in question,affinities and alike. If a person shares the same home environment with one ormore people who are prone to excessiveness of this kind, s/he can be exposed todifferent kinds of negative influences, especially if we are talking aboutchildren. This will also have devastating effects on their growing up, as wellas future lives, and induce the occurrence of anxiety and fear due totroublesome living conditions.

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