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Is your baby having a fever, crying a lot, has symptoms of a common cold, and is tugging at his ear? It may be an infant ear infection, especially if you also notice large quantities of ear wax in your baby's ear. Many parents are really afraid of ear infections, and will expect antibiotic treatment right away. Of course, consulting your pediatrician is very important when you suspect an infant ear infection or even if you just see that your baby is ill and has a fever. You may like to be better prepared by knowing about how to treat infant ear infections, though.

Ear infections can actually heal on their own without antibiotics most of the time. When my older baby had an ear infection, our doctor told us to administer pain relief, and to continue monitoring the situation. The recommendation of most doctors, and also of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is to prescribe antibiotics in babies under six months who have a confirmed, or even a suspected, ear infection. That is because it is possible for serious consequences to occur if an ear infection gets worse, including the ear drum bursting.

The most frequently prescribed antibiotic for infant ear infections is amoxicillin. This is normally a week long course of antibiotics, that will be given three times a day. Make sure, as always with antibiotics, to give a dose at the exact time it should be, and to complete the course even if symptoms go away. In addition to antibiotics, or if your doctor decided not to prescribe antibiotics to your older infant, there are things you can do to ease the pain. Giving pain relief like Tylenol is an obvious answer. Warm compresses straight to the ear, and anesthetic ear drops, are other options. Caring for sick kids can be hard, but with the right care your baby will soon feel better. If you are looking for more infant care topics, you may like to read about newborn jaundice, the causes and treatment, as well.

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