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Fleas can bite both animals and humans, and usually they prefer the legs and ankles. People can react differently to the flea bite, and some people won’t even be of interest to the fleas but some will. Those appealing and sensitive to flea bites can even develop a severe allergy. Usually, when a flea bites you, you will notice the puncture point of every bite. That particular place will very quickly become red and hard, slightly raised and it will be very itchy. The area where the flea bites you won’t swell, but if you scratched the bite, it may start to bleed a bit.

Health Complications with Flea Bites

Try not to scratch the affected area of the skin. Once you scratch and provoke the bleeding, there is always a chance to further complicate the condition by infecting the wound you made. Severe reaction to flea bites, such as throat tightness or swelling of the face must be reported to the doctor immediately, because they usually point out to serious allergic reaction to flea bites.

Cure Flea Bites at Home

Home remedies might be very helpful if you experience flea bites. Most people already know the basic rules what to do with the flea bites, but for those who don’t know here they are.

When the flea bites you, wash the area with some antiseptic fluid or soap and keep it very clean. Cold water might be better than hot, because it won’t irritate the bite even more. Cold pack can help you further. Keep it on the bite spot for some time to decrease any potential swelling. Never scratch the bite. Any scratching may cause some open wounds and bleeding and lead to different infections.

You can use some OTC (over the counter) steroid creams, if the bite spot seem to be very red and swollen. 1% Hydrocortisone cream might be exactly what you are looking for, because this substance can significantly decrease the inflammation of the flea bite.

Calamine lotion will do the same thing, if you happen to have one at home.

If the itching won’t stop, go to the pharmacy and ask for some antihistamine medication, such as Chlortrimeton or Dimetapp. Both of these drugs will help with the itching and speed up your recovery process.

In most cases flea bites are not serious condition and they will pass after few days. However, if they don’t improve in several days, you should consult your doctor, because you may need some antibiotics or steroids as the treatment.

Get Rid of the Fleas

Killing all fleas in your house is a must if you don’t want to experience any more bites. Kill every single flea you can find in your house and vacuum frequently to destroy every single remained one. Your pets might also have some fleas, so get rid of them too, to be able to sleep peacefully at nights, without scratching or itching.

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