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Ever so unpleasant fleas and their wrong doings

This lurking enemy is not the one to underestimate, especially if it is set on an agenda to deprive you of one of your most vital life sources – blood. This is one of the primary reasons why, flea bites should in no way be disregarded and taken lightly. The fact that there might occur a transfer of unwanted pathogens, which can induce some fairly serious conditions and illnesses in a person being struck by a flea attack. These little menaces are infamous for their unquenching blood thirst, and are not only perilous for animals, but for people as well.

It is more often than not that people tend to pay little attention to the flea bites, regarding certain manifestations on the skin as a mere short-term irregularity, which will go away on its own. This kind of thinking has flaws, due to the fact that many insects, including fleas, can transmit unwanted diseases to a person with an innocent looking bite.

How to recognize them?

The time of the year fleas are at their peak, is in the spring and the summer. The main reason for this is that during these two seasons, the overall natural conditions are most suitable for fleas. It is then, they are most active and find themselves on the person’s skin quite easily. A flea's bite, is actually a tiny slit on a person’s skin, upon which it excretes it's saliva, which is known to have in it, various anticoagulant substances, together with a number of different enzymes. Having done this, the flea itself keeps on sucking the blood out of the person till it satisfies its thirst. Finishing the feeding, it finds a proper hiding place and remains there until the next feeding.


The most favorite bite-areas are known to be the ankles and lower parts of the legs. As to the overall look of a bite, there does not exist any one pattern, the appearance depends on how a person in reacts to the bite. Some overall characteristics imply that the bite often appears in the form of a hardened dot, red in color and surrounded by an also red in color halo skin.

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