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For a couple trying to have a baby, checking into different options and undergoing fertility testing can provide some clear answers as to why pregnancy is not happening naturally. For a woman, there are many different reasons and for a man, one of the most common roadblocks to fertility is sperm motility. However, once the problem has been discovered there are ways in which to increase sperm motility and help increase the chances of conception for a couple. Many males experience difficulties with trying to conceive because of a sperm problem and low sperm motility can be one of them.

A couple that has been trying to conceive a baby for a long time may wonder how to increase sperm motility naturally before undergoing any rigorous and invasive fertility tests. One way to address a problem with sperm motility is to consult with a nutritionist and take a look at the diet of the male. Some research studies have found that a diet low in carnitine can cause problems with sperm motility. There are thoughts that certain proteins found in carnitine which are believed to have a direct impact on sperms ability to survive the journey required to fertilize the female egg. By adding the right nutrients to the diet of a male, the quality of sperm can be increased and make fertilization complete.

Low sperm motility can also be a result of a hormonal deficiency in the male and this can be improved through a variety of medications. It is highly uncommon for a male to have poor sperm motility due to a hormonal deficiency than it is for a man to have the problem due to another reason. Through fertility testing and ruling out other factors a man can pinpoint the exact cause of low sperm motility and do something to handle the problem. In some cases, there may be no cure to low sperm motility in a male due to genetic defects. While there are many reasons behind low sperm motility it could be physical, genetic or lifestyle related, the bottom line is that for a couple to conceive a man may have to undergo testing and consult with a specialist. With time and reproductive assistance, it is possible for a couple learn how to increase sperm motility and become pregnant and have the baby they have always wanted and complete their dream of parenthood.

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