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Ayurveda or Ayurvedic herbalism originates from India and itis one of the oldest forms of herbal medicine. Ayurvedic philosophy has a lotto say about restoration of health of the digestive system of human beings.According to Ayurveda, the body’s main fire, referred to as Agni, is actuallythe fire of digestion and if it gets impaired it causes various different typesof diseases. If Agni functions properly, then the entire body can enjoyvibrancy and proper nourishment. Agni is a metaphor which resembles fires inthe wood burning stove. Another term, Ama, is a metaphor which stands for thebuildup of the black cresol in the chimney. If the stove produces more heat,there are going to be less cresol. The more energy the body produces, the fewertoxins will be created.

Agni and Ama

Agni and Ama are always completely opposite. Ama ismalodorous, cloudy, heavy, wet and cold, while Agni is aromatic, clear, light,dry and hot. If one wants to treat Ama, he or she has to increase the Agni. Amais the cause of all diseases and it is actually an amalgamation of all internaltoxins which impair the functioning of the metabolism. Ama clogs all the vitalpathways in the human body and creates various toxins which travel through thebody by means of bloodstream. Accumulation of the toxins leads to varioushealth problems and issues. Ama is the main cause of cancer, weak immunesystem, flu and fevers. It can be recognized by certain symptoms such as deeppulse, depression, loss of clarity, lack of attention, general accumulation ofwaste material, foul smelling feces, foul smelling urine, bad body odor,lethargy, tiredness, loss of strength, bad breath, indigestion, loss ofappetite and loss of taste. Ama can be triggered by numerous different factorsand causes, but one of the most common ones is the inappropriate combination offoods in a diet.


There are a large number of herbal remedies which can bevery helpful in enhancing the process of digestion and increasing the metabolicprocesses as well. The metabolic heat associated with proper metabolism isactually Agni. Cayenne pepper and ginger are known for being very efficientwhen it comes to such matters. All bitter and pungent herbs are known fordecreasing Ama and increasing Agni. Other beneficial types of herbs includefennel seeds, cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper and Aloe Vera.

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