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There are many things one can do to directly or indirectly help someone who has serious health problems or even save a life. Few of such things are blood donation, plasma donation, organ or tissue donation and bone marrow donation. Everyone knows why it is important to donate blood or to become an organ donor, but only a few understand the importance of bone marrow donation, which can not only help a person overcome a serious disease, but it can actually save a life.

Bone marrow, which is a sponge-like substance in bones, can be used in treating and even curing leukemia, aplastic anemia, bone cancer and various diseases related to blood.

People who decide to donate bone marrow do it for different reasons. Some do it to help a family member or a friend who is ill, some have an altruistic desire to help people they do not necessarily know, and some do it for the money. The amount money that can be earned by donating bone marrow depends on whether it is donated for transplantation or for medical research purposes. Also, a potential donor needs to undergo several test and exams which will determine if he or she is fit to donate the bone marrow.

Bone Marrow Donation for Research Purposes

Donating bone marrow for research purposes is a good way to earn money fairly quickly. Different medical institutes may use different amounts, so some research is recommended before deciding where to go. It is also important to be sure that the medical facility is professional and that the bone marrow will be used by the researchers to advance their knowledge and help save more people in the future. This is certainly a noble goal and one of the most satisfying ways to earn money.

Before applying for bone marrow donation, the potential donor should find out what the requirements are in terms of medical history, family history, age, lifestyle and health conditions, and similar.

If the person is eligible for donation, he or she will receive material about the procedure, risks and legal issues, which should be read carefully. Research groups are usually available for any additional questions.

Bone Marrow Donation for Transplantation

US residents who wish to become bone marrow donors first have to be listed on the bone marrow donation registry. The firs condition for donors is the age, as they need to be between ages 18 and 60. They also need to complete a survey regarding their health and to provide a swab cheek test which will determine their eligibility as donors.

After a person is listed in the registry, when he or she is found to be a match for a patient in need of bone marrow transplantation, they will be contacted, and if they wish to proceed with the procedure, they will be informed about the procedure itself and about the risks. Finally, an additional medical examination will be performed.

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