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Ulcerative Colitis-Overview

This is a type of inflammatory bowel disease. It usually affects the inner lining of the large intestine or rectum. Although there's no known cure for ulcerative colitis up to this day, there are therapies that are obtainable that may considerably reduce the signs and symptoms of ulcerative colitis and even bring about a long-term remission. The symptoms are usually diarrhea, abdominal pain, blood in one’s stool, and a fever that might last a day or two. If a person is experiencing these symptoms, it is important that they consult a physician immediately.

There are certain risk factors that increase the possibility of a person getting this disease. These include: age (it has been proven that persons in their thirties most often get ulcerative colitis), genetic predisposition (if a relative has this disease, it increases the risk considerably), the use of some medication (such as isotretinon, usually used to treat scarring cystic acne; and anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen, diclofenac, etc. that are nonsteroidal).

It is yet unknown what actually causes ulcerative colitis, but there are certain suppositions. Firstly, some argue that the bowel gets inflamed when the immune system tries to fight off a bacteria or a virus, and that leads to this disease. others think that genetic makeup of a person largely determines whether they will get it.

Homeopathic Remedies

Some people find that homeopathy has the cure for every condition. Although this may not be entirely true, it has been proven that homeopathy is very effective and, what is more, has no side-effects. Here are some of the remedies that have shown to be the most effective when encountering ulcerative colitis:

Apples. As simple as that, steamed apples help with these symptoms, while thay are rich in iron and phosphorus. Also, steamed vegetables are helpful with easing the symptoms.Buttermilk. A glass of buttermilk a day is very helpful.Wheat-grass. It is effective as an enema, and it helps detoxify the walls of the colon.Rice. Used for soothing the inflammation. A thick gruel of rice mixed with a glass of buttermilk and a banana, should be ingested twice a day.Bananas. One or two bananas a day help the healing process.Sulphur. One of the most efficient ways of treating ulcerative colitis. However, a doctor should be consulted before, to instruct the dosage.Phosphorus. As in the case of sulphur, it is, too, highly effective, but a doctor should be consulted first.

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