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Heart rate (pulse) represents a number of heart beats per minute. Heart rate ranges among people but it is essential to stay within limit and never exceed or be below the determined numbers. Regular heart beat in adults is between 60 and 100 beats per minute while in children it can even be above the mentioned range. In case heart beat exceeds the limited and optimal range this may develop due to some physiological or even pathological processes in the body. The same refers to insufficient number of heart beats per minute.Causes of High Heart Rate

There is a variety of medical conditions that affect the heart and cause changes in heart beat. Some of them make the heart beat slower while others accelerate contraction of the heart muscle. The most common medical conditions affecting the heart and causing high heart beat include long-term high blood pressure, structural abnormalities of the heart valves, myocarditis, pericarditis and coronary artery disease. The problem may also occur in people with dysfunctioning of the pacemaker of the heart, patients with thyroid problems (hyperthyroidism), those with faulty upper heart chamber as well as patients who have had more than one heart attack.

Apart from the mentioned people may develop high heart beat due to intake of food which contains too many or not enough electrolytes such as sodium. It is also common for patients who are already suffering from certain lung diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease to develop problems with heart beat.

And finally, there are several temporary causes of high heart beat. They include vitamin deficiency, anemia, intake of some medications, emotional stress or fear, anxiety and nervousness, fever and intake of stimulative substances (coffee, tea etc.). High heart beat is also reported after heavy meals and any kind of physical activity.Treatment for High Heart Beat

In case high heart beat persists, it definitely points to some imbalance in the body or some heart condition. It is, therefore, essential to identify the underlying cause of prolonged high heart beat as soon as possible and treat the problem accordingly. Treatment may only include changes in one's lifestyle such as dietary changes, restriction of overstrenous physical activity and cessation of smoking or alcohol consumption. Severe heart conditions require proper medicamentous treatment and sometimes surgical procedures. Fortunately, surgery is the last treatment option and is not usually necessary because majority of heath issues are brought under control with suitable drugs.

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