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Colitis is a medicalterm for the inflammation of the lower bowels or a colon. Ulcerative colitis is oneof the most common forms of colitis presented as several small ulcers in themucous membranes that are settled in the intestine. Symptoms that indicatecolitis include presence of pain and cramps, and diarrhea. Blood andmucus may be found in diarrhea as well, whereas, because of theinternal bleeding, anemia may develop. Problems that are less dangerous, likeirritable bowel syndrome and Crohn`s disease, are often mistaken for colitis,because of symptoms that are the same in these cases. If one has similarsymptoms, then it must be diagnosed in order to rule out possible and similardiseases.

According to someresearchers, allergy may be the main culprit for some types of inflammatorybowel disease, and because of that, hypersensitivity could be the cause of theulcerative colitis. In medical history, it has been recorded that somesubstances that are found in Aspirin may be responsible for ulcerative colitisin some patients, as well as milk and milk products, since they contain yeast.Some psychological factors such as anxiety, restlessness, and insecurity play alsoan important role in ulcerative colitis creating. Some over the counteranti-inflammatory drugs can also support the ulcerative colitis creation.

Supplements and herbs

Supplements that treatulcerative colitis are very effective in a sense that they alleviate the damagedue to the colitis and reconstruct affected mucous. Generally, best supplementsare the ones that can be easily digested and absorbed. Many herbs and naturalremedies can be helpful in fighting this disease. Oil of evening primrose, fishoils and herbal preparations are good for ulcerative colitis. Medicinal claytreatment is good in a sense that it helps in recovery of the lining wallsof the colon. Clay is also good for ulcerative colitis as it helps absorptionof the toxic waste that is settled in the bowels. Supplements such as vitamin Ehave to be used after the successful recovery in order to prevent internalscaring. If one experiences cramps and weakness in the muscle, then lack invitamin B is present.

In order to return tonormal digestive process, plant-based enzymes must be consumed. They can befound in pineapple (bromelain) and papaya. Juice of the aloe vera can be verybeneficial for the colon functioning, and you should take half a cup every dayfor six months, in order to see full results. On the other hand, if you useyucca saponin, you can prevent collecting of undigested waste.

There are also alot of other herbs that can help you in combating this disease. Along withthe herbs, you must also practice some physical treatment methods, like drybrushing, sauna, swimming. Aerobic and fast walking stimulate the bowels, andother additional exercises must be done in order to recover completelyand regain strong immune system.

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