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Vitamin D is important to keep your muscles in good condition, and develops and maintains of the human bones. It also aids the absorption of calcium into the body. Vitamin D is important for everyone, but even more so for pregnant women. Sufficient levels of Vitamin D promote healthy fetal development, while a deficiency can affect the calcium levels in your baby's bones negatively. In critical cases, this can even lead to the bone deformity commonly referred to as rickets. Unfortunately, most people in developed countries, especially in the northern hemisphere, have lower levels of Vitamin D than they should. Some people say that it is impossible to get sufficient amounts of Vitamin D from exposure to sunlight at all, even if we were to spend all day out in the open especially during the winter months.

Supplements are available, and probably should be taken by pregnant women as well as children aged six months to five years. Discuss this with your healthcare provider in more detail before commencing supplementation. There are also quite a lot of food sources of Vitamin D. These can be used by pregnant women in any amount. Oily fish (like mackerel, sardines, and tuna) are excellent sources of this vitamin. Those who do not eat fish can also take cod liver oil capsules, if wishes. Egg, nettles, wheat germ oil, some kinds of cabbage, yeast, and mushrooms that were grown while exposed to the sun, also either contain Vitamin D or stimulate its absorption from other sources.

In addition, there are many Vitamin D fortified products on the market. Some examples of these are certain brands of margarine, cereals, and milk products. According to many sources, it is very hard to gain more than 10 percent of the recommended levels of Vitamin D from food sources. So, while these foods are very beneficial to you in pregnancy, and often for much more than bones alone, supplements might give you a more clear idea of the Vitamin D levels you are getting. Want to know more about staying healthy in pregnancy? Look at herbs for a healthy pregnancy and nine months of fitness.

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