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Flucloxacillin is a member of penicillin antibiotics. This antibiotic is highly efficient against beta-lactamase-producing bacteria like beta-lactamase producing Staphylococcus aureus. It is, unfortunately, ineffective when it comes to MRSA. Flucloxacillin is quite similar to doxycycline, a member of tetracyclines. Because of that these two antibiotics are actually considered interchangeable.

Flucloxacillin is generally prescribed for infections affecting the skin, chest and throat. The drug is taken on an empty stomach and preferably 2 hours before or after meals. Patients must finish the entire course of antibiotics and stick to prescribed doses, never making changes prior to consulting a health care provider.

Before Taking Flucloxacillin

Before being prescribed this antibiotic a person must inform the doctor about several things. First of all, pregnant women must report their pregnancy. Patients with active liver diseases as well as those who used to have some problems with the organ must also inform the doctor about their condition. Kidney diseases are also taken into consideration prior to prescribing flucloxacillin.

Finally, allergy to antibiotics, especially to penicillins is a contraindication for flucloxacillin. Such patients are prescribed another antibiotic they are not allergic to.How to Take Flucloxacillin?

All patients are explained how to take the drug. Additional information is printed on the manufacturer's information leaflet obtained with the pack of antibiotics.

In the majority of cases the antibiotic is taken every 6 hours. Dose adjustments can be only made by the doctor.

One is supposed to finish the entire course of flucloxacilline. If he/she stops taking antibiotic once the symptoms subside, the risk of recurrent infection significantly increases.

The drug is taken 2 hours before or after taking food. This way the absorption of the drug is improved.

In case a patient accidentally forgets to take a dose, he/she should never take two doses to compensate for the loss. Instead, he/she will take only one dose immediately and the following one after 6 hours i.e. when it is supposed to be taken by created schedule.Flucloxacillin Side Effects

Common side effects of flucloxacillin are nausea, stomach ache, diarrhea, thrush, skin rash and itching.

Nausea can be brought under control if a patient eats less but frequently and opt for a diet containing simple or bland foods. Diarrhea is usually mild. Loss of fluids requires drinking plenty of water. But if diarrhea does not stop within 24 hours, one is due to consult a health care provider. Finally, skin rash and itching require discontinuation of the drug and prompt consultations with the doctor.

Immediate medical attention is necessary in case of tongue swelling, breathing difficulties, severe itchy skin rash, jaundice, fever and pain in joints.

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