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From children's clothes to big ticket items like strollers, second-hand or thrift stores can have a lot to offer to parents. Why would you want to buy used items? Here are five compelling reasons to give second-hand stores a chance.

1. Thrift stores are good for the environment

When you buy something at a second-hand store, you save that item from going to the landfill. You also avoid buying an equivalent product new, meaning you don't participate in the wastage of energy required during its manufacture, and often transportation. Buying at thrift stores shows that you care about the earth.

2. Thrift stores save you money

This may be the most pressing argument to buy at second-hand stores for many people, but buying used stuff is not just for people who can't afford to buy new products. Children's clothes, especially, are often very cheap and in such good condition that it's hard to tell they were ever worn. Wouldn't it be a shame to let such a bargain go to waste?

3. Thrift stores are a nice experience

There's nothing like rummaging around, wondering whether there is anything you would like. With thrift stores, you never know what to expect in advance, so you have to go in with an open mind. You may be going in there to buy a t-shirt, and end up with that Ergo baby carrier you've been after for months! It's usually helpful to decide what you're willing to spend in advance, so you don't end up buying too much.

4. Thrift stores have things no other store has

Thrift stores offer unique products, and this is definitely true when it comes to books. If you're looking for books that have gone out of print or have been printed in newer versions with different illustrations, second-hand stores are definitely your best bet!

5. Thrift stores make you feel good

People who donate to thrift stores regularly and also buy there can feel proud of themselves! They are kind to the earth, save their money for better things, and are involves in charity all at the same time.

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