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The hormone found in the female body,called the human chorionic gonadotrophin or, shorter hCG is thehormone which gets produced once a pregnancy takes place. Simplyenough, this hormone is created by the cells which form the placenta.

Thus, about 11 days after a womanconceives, the levels of hCG in her body rise significantly,signifying pregnancy before any other symptoms. In order to learnmore about this important occurrence, read the lines below.

What are hCG Levels?

As it was mentioned above, once a womanbecomes pregnant, after the 11th day following theconception, she will experience a steady rise in the levels of hCG,doubling every 72 hours. Therefore, the levels of this hormone reachtheir peak during the first 8 to 11 weeks of pregnancy. However, oncethis period passes, they gradually start being less and lessprominent as the pregnancy progresses.

There are several facts about hCGlevels which can be useful to know at any point of pregnancy. Firstof all, the hCG levels, once they start doubling fast and thepregnancy reaches later stages, start doubling every 96 hours, whichis not as fast as the previous 72. Nevertheless, this is normal andexpected.

Still, if you are worried about thehealth of your baby, relating it with the levels of this hormone inyour body, know that you should not do this. Rather, turn toultrasound, undergoing it after the 6th week of yourpregnancy. This form of pregnancy monitoring is much more accuratethat any hCG calculations since there were cases where women withabnormally low hCG counts managed to undergo their pregnancy withoutany problems whatsoever. Yet, less that 5mIU/ml is not considered tobe a good sign. On the other hand, anything above 25mIU/ml isconsidered positive.

Next, as it was noted above, hCG levelsare measured in milli-international units per millimeter. When theselevels become higher that 1000, the ultrasound should be capable ofshowing the gestational sac. However, diagnosing a conception orpregnancy should wait for these levels to reach 2000.

Also, bear in mind that a single hCGreading is not enough to neither confirm or rule out a pregnancy.Rather, multiple tests should be carried out before any state ofaffairs is certainly analyzed and determined. Additionally, knowingthe hCG levels in a woman's body cannot help you determine the exactdate of birth of the baby, since these numbers are fairly imprecise.

Finally, another useful fact is thatthere are more than one hCG tests available. Namely, whilequalitative hCG test detects the presence of this hormone in theblood, the quantitative one measures the exact numbers of hCG,providing more accurate information of this type.

Speaking about the levels of hCG in theblood, we need to mention that lower levels of this hormone thanexpected commonly signify miscalculation of the date of pregnancy,possibility of miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy, being the pregnancytaking place outside the womb. On the other hand, high levels of thishormone, being higher than expected, can mean many things and shouldbe analyzed as soon as possible. Mainly, this occurrence can signifymiscalculation of the date of conceiving too or the presence of molaror multiple pregnancy.

Doctors do not perform regular checkupsof your hCG levels, unless certain pregnancy problems are suspected.Either way, expect that your levels will decrease to the non-pregnantcounts once you pass the 6th week of pregnancy. Nothingexcept medications containing this hormone can affect the hCG numbersin your body.

Supplements for Fertility

Fertility Blend is a type of drug whichis said to boost fertility in women, being completely safe andshowing great results in clinical trials. Fertility Blend containsherbs which are capable of promoting hormonal balance and frequencyof ovulation. Furthermore, this drug has amino acids which boostblood circulation, antioxidants which promote health and vitamin Ewhich repairs cellular damage taking place due to oxidation andaging. Some other ingredients which contribute to a safe pregnancy,found in Fertility Blend are folic acid, vitamins B6 and B12 andminerals like iron, zinc and magnesium.

Therefore, Fertility Blend is afertility drug which is based on herbal supplements capable ofoptimizing hormonal and menstrual cycle balance, without increasingchances of multiple pregnancy. So, this product is not much of adrug. Rather, it is more of a nutritional supplement, promotingpregnancy through increased fertility.

There are many such fertilitysupplements on the market, so make sure you do your own research,finding some other healthy and safe alternatives.

All in all, hCG levels in the body offemales can signify pregnancy quite early after the conception takesplace. However, these can vary and are not reliable enough for makingany other predictions or diagnoses regarding the pregnancy. Rather,you are advised to consult with your doctor regarding other, moreaccurate methods of pregnancy monitoring.

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