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Pregnant or Not Pregnant?

Many women desire do get pregnant, and once the moment occurs, where they feel that they are pregnant, a pregnancy test is used to confirm their beliefs. Nevertheless, this is where confusion can begin, namely, many women are not sure when they are supposed to do the test, since, if they are not pregnant and wait for two weeks, they might get discouraged by the test results. At the same time, if they do the pregnancy test too early, it might not read out their pregnancy, giving false information. Thus, this presents a troublesome position to be in. Luckily, the following lines will give their best to explain this issue further and help women who are waiting for a confirmation of their pregnancy with the right information.

The Test

There are two types of pregnancy hormones in a woman's body. Firstly, there is the H-hCG and the hCG. The first one is released shortly after fertilization, while the latter appears only in the beginning of the embryo development. Thus, in order to check if you are pregnant earlier, you are to look for tests which can trace H-hCG concentration in your urine. With these tests, you can be certain of your pregnancy much earlier. Unfortunately, most pregnancy tests are incapable of reading these levels. Rather, they only offer positive results once the hCG levels start rising, which happens a lot later.

Therefore, as soon as you miss your period, you are best of with tests capable of tracing H-hCG levels. Also, do not believe the story about the 99% accuracy of the majority of these tests, since researches show that the real numbers go somewhere between 50 and 80%.

Additional Information

As soon as you start thinking you have skipped your period and are pregnant, do not get ahead of yourself. Many women do not keep track of their periods or, often, do not have regular periods to begin with, thus, you need to pay attention to these things and take everything into consideration before jumping to conclusions.

It is probably best if you take the pregnancy test after your period is late, for example, if you usually have your period every 35 days, 39 days without a period would be a sign for testing.

Finally, if the test proves to be negative, just to be sure, do it again after several days, unless your period takes place before then. If you purchase a test capable of noting your H-hCG levels, the optimal time for doing it is 10 days after sexual intercourse.

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