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I Want Muscles. Now What?

In case you want to look amazingly muscular in the shortest timespan possible you need to take several things into consideration since a mere decision is simply not enough. First of all, you need a strong will and a capability of persevering the whole process you are about to start. Secondly, you will need a plan, regarding an adequate exercise program to follow through once you start working out. This plan is easily available from many sources. You may want to search the Internet first. There are endless possibilities available and it is extremely important that you find the ones which offer real results and divide them from those which are useless. Alternatively, you may want to find books which have been proven excellent for these purposes and read them through applying everything they have to offer. This is your preparation before engaging into the world of being physically fit and ripped with muscles.

Then, make sure you have the picture of your future self in your mind. Visualization is of utmost importance, since, it represents setting your goal so that you may always be aware of it. You might use a photo or a newspaper clip where you have seen a body you yourself desire to have. Keep it somewhere visible or carry it with you so that you may constantly be reminded of your progress and steps yet to be made.

Reorganize Your Diet

The next step requires introducing calorie counting in your life. Namely, you are to calculate all the calories you are to intake by multiplying your current weight with 15 or 16. Then, you are to add 300 or 500 calories to this amount and make sure you provide yourself with these. This involves eating up to six, carefully balanced, meals a day. Also, you are to hydrate your body timely and frequently. Thus, drink sufficient amount of water at all times.

The Exercising

When you start weight lifting and working out, make sure you use free weights instead of machines. Also, choose exercises which involve as many of your muscles as possible, without simply isolating a certain group. While you are at it, do it right. Perform each exercise correctly in order to benefit from it.

As far as your sessions are concerned, make sure you bring yourself to the edge of your muscle abilities, without overdoing it. Thus, exercise each muscle group, but do it no more than twice a week. Additionally, make sure your sessions do not last longer than an hour. Reach your absolute limit during this period.

Additionally, limit your cardio exercises so as not to burn too much valuable calories and make sure you change your workout patterns on a monthly basis. Use supplements like multivitamin, creatine and protein, consuming your boosting shakes before and after exercising. Finally, provide your muscles with regular rest by sleeping for at least 8 hours.

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