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Epilepsy is a condition that can cause a lot of troubles in the life of the person suffering from it. Even though the exact cause for the incidence of epilepsy still remains unknown, it is considered to be an inherited condition and that it usually goes with excessive palpitations.

It is very important to treat epilepsy and many people do it with various smells, such as the smell of the dirty sole of the shoes and the smell of the onion or garlic. The seizure attacks may appear all of a sudden and with no regularity in frequency and time, so it is important to know how to face them when they occur.

How to deal with a seizure

When an attack occurs, the patient usually becomes insensible of many parts of his/her body. Therefore, he/she should not be alone when going out. Furthermore, when the seizure attack is coming, the patient should alert the people around him/her. If the patient has to go alone somewhere, it is important to hang around the crowded places where people could help if the seizure occurs.

Apart from being an inherited condition, epilepsy may appear due to the irrational subdued fears. When the child is physically abused, or if the adult person was physically abused in the childhood, it may be a major cause for the development of epilepsy. The brain’s abnormal electrical activity leads to the incidence of seizure attacks, which can be of different types.

Treatment for epilepsy

There are various kinds of seizure attacks and therefore, what symptoms will occur depends on the type of epilepsy. While some seizure attacks last about 20 minutes, there are also attacks that last even an hour. However, some common symptoms of this condition are insensibility of certain body’s parts, impaired bodily functions, uncoordinated bodily movements and unconsciousness.

It is considered that inhalation of the grotesque smells can help when the patient loses consciousness and when he loses all bodily functions. The strong smells are considered to be very potent when epilepsy is in question and therefore, aromatherapy is highly recommended. When a person experiences a seizure attack, it is important that the person who helps him/her puts a cloth between the patient’s teeth in order to prevent the patient to bite his/her tongue. The person who experiences the epileptic attack should be placed on the side in order to breathe more easily.

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