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People suffering from epilepsy experience recurring seizures even though their condition can be brought under control with antiepileptic drugs. Apart from medicamentous therapy such individuals are due to realize that certain habits may aggravate the condition and cause seizures to occur even more. Also, if one is capable of identifying potential triggers of seizures, by avoiding these he/she can successfully postpone epileptic attacks. The condition is not debilitating and most patients continue with their lives normally. Still, there are certain restrictions one should adopt in order to prevent seizures from reoccurring.

Treatment for Epilepsy

The only way to overcome seizures is by taking prescribed medications. One is supposed to consult his/her doctor who will determine the type of the drug and its dose. Treatments are easily adjusted and one drug can be replaced with another if there are serious side effects. Even a combination of antiepileptic drugs are possible. However, one must never stop taking drugs without consulting a doctor. Sudden cessation of anti-epileptic therapy may have severe health consequences. Women who are planning pregnancy are also due to inform their doctors about their decision and discuss treatment adjustment.

Epilepsy and Employment

It is essential not to discriminate people suffering from epilepsy. They may be as skilled, qualified and experienced as any other healthy individual. However, there are certain jobs which are not suitable for patients with epilepsy because sudden seizures may jeopardize their lives as well as lives of nearby people.

Epilepsy and Driving

As far as driving is concerned, such individuals are allowed to drive only when they are seizure-free for determined period of time. The length of this time actually depends on the type of seizures and circumstances surrounding recent seizures one might have had. Epilepsy, Sports and Leisure Activities

Participating in almost every leisure activity is allowed. However, there are some restrictions regarding sport and physical activity. Namely, physical activity must be adapted and include additional safety precautions. It is best to join team sports or have a partner while running or swimming because they may help you if the attack occurs.

Epilepsy and Trigger Factors

There is a variety of epileptic seizure trigger factors. These should be avoided as much as possible. It is confirmed that sleep deprivation and heavy drinking may initiate seizures. Seizures also occur if one is under stress all the time. Finally, by avoiding recreational drugs as well as flashing lights one may successfully prevent seizures from occurring.

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