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There is almost not a woman in the world that does not know what an emergency contraceptive pill is and cannot use it. According to the doctors, even breastfeeding women and those women who cannot usually use hormonal contraception, like the combined pill and contraceptive patch, are allowed to use the emergency contraceptive pill. However, women need to know that if they are using some other medicines, they may interact with the emergency contraceptive pill.

Breastfeeding women

Doctors agree that even breastfeeding can use the emergency contraceptive pill. However, women should know that small amounts of the hormones that are found in the pill may in some cases pass into the breast milk but there is no possible danger for the baby.


According to the experts there is no proof that a pregnant woman will cause harm to the developing baby if she takes the emergency contraceptive pill. However, the risk of developing an ectopic pregnancy increases if the woman takes the emergency pregnancy pill during the time she is pregnant.

When the pill should be avoided

There are some situations when a woman should not take the pill. Those situations are when she is taking other medication for epilepsy, HIV or tuberculosis. If the woman is using some of these medications, she should talk to the doctor about using the emergency pill as well.

Side effects of the emergency contraceptive pill

There were no cases when a woman experienced certain long-term side effects because she took the emergency side effect pill. Serious health problems are also pretty rare as well. However, there are certain side effects that a woman may experience. Side effects can be common but they can also be less common. Some of the most common side effects that a woman may experience when she is using the emergency pregnancy pill are abdominal pain, nausea, tiredness and irregular menstrual bleeding before the next period is about to occur. The bleeding can be either spotting or heavy bleeding. Apart from the more common side effects, there are also some side effects that do not occur as often like breast tenderness, dizziness, vomiting and headache. Women should know that all of these side effects are likely to pass in a matter of 48 hours on their own.

When to see the doctor

A woman can go to the doctor’s every time she is concerned about the symptoms after taking the pill. It is good to go to the hospital in cases when a woman believes she is pregnant, her next period is more than 7 days late or it is longer or shorter than usual and if she experiences sudden or unusual abdominal pain.

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