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Emergency contraception is an option for women who are at risk to conceive and are not willing to become pregnant but there is a risk of pregnancy because of a recent unprotected sexual intercourse.

This type of contraception is the most efficient if taken within 24 hours after the risk intercourse. However, the efficacy of such protection may extend to even 5 days (120 hours). This type of contraception is not recommended if a woman uses her prescribed contraceptives on a daily basis, if the couple uses condoms and there is no condom break. In all other cases especially in a case of rape, women are supposed to opt for morning after pill.

Types of Emergency Contraception -Morning after Pills

It is estimated that 85% of all women who undergo this treatment manage to avoid pregnancy.

Women may choose among different emergency contraception pills. The effects are better if the pill is taken as soon as possible.

Pills that contain only progesterone are mostly used in Australia. Such emergency contraception pills contain certain doses of progesterone (a synthetic version of the hormone) which is normally produced by the ovaries. Some manufacturers recommend taking one pill while others say that half of a pill is sufficient enough. These pills are usually prescribed but they can be also easily purchased over-the-counter.

In case one is supposed to use only one pill, it is supposed to be taken as soon as the problematic sexual intercourse occurs. Also, if a woman is taking two pills, the first one is taken immediately after the risk intercourse while the second pill may be taken within the following 12 hours.

Finally, even though the pill has been taken, women are supposed to either abstain from sex until their monthly bleeding or use condoms each time when they engage in sexual intercourse.

It is estimated that 30% of women who have taken emergency contraception pill will experience menstrual bleeding much earlier than expected. However, this is a good sign because it points that the treatment has been efficient.

The Following Steps

Women who have taken emergency contraceptive pills are supposed to check the efficacy of the treatment. If their period is late, they should take a pregnancy test. It is also good to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases especially if the woman has had sex with a person for the first time.

Women who have taken an emergency contraceptive pill should think about future unprotected sexual intercourse and be well prepared in advance and protect herself adequately.

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