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There are not a lot of people in the world who have never heard of dyslexia. However, lots of people have problems when it comes to identifying the symptoms of it. First of all, parents need to know that the signs and symptoms of dyslexia are not the same for all ages. It is also important not to think that the child suffers from dyslexia if he or she has one or two signs. A child must show several signs of dyslexia in order to be thought of that it suffers from dyslexia. However, it is important that the parents get the child tested as soon as these signs are spotted.

Signs of dyslexia in preschool-age children

There are a lot of possible signs for children who are still not old enough to go to school. Parents should look out for signs like talking later than most other children, difficulties with word pronunciation and slower than normal adding of new words to the vocabulary. These are only some of the signs and some of the other signs of dyslexia include problems when a child needs to learn the alphabet, numbers, days of the week, months, colors and shapes and problems with reciting rhyming nursery words. Another possible sign is slow development of fine motor skills. Signs of dyslexia in children in kindergarten through fourth grade

The symptoms for children of this age differ from those that are seen in children who are not old enough to go to preschool. Some of the most common symptoms for children of this age are problems with reading a single word that are not surrounded with other words, slow learning of connection between letters and sounds and consistent reading and spelling errors. If a child confuses small words like “at” and “to” or “does” and goes”, that is also a symptom of dyslexia. Signs of dyslexia in children in fifth grade through eighth grade

Some of the more obvious signs of dyslexia for children of this age are slow reading, a slower recognition of prefixes, suffixes and root words, problems with spelling, trouble with word problems in math and problems with writing. A child who suffers from dyslexia may also avoid reading aloud and writing.

Signs of dyslexia in children in high school and college

Even though a lot of people think that it is hard to notice signs of dyslexia in children who are in high school or college, which is not the case. The most common one is slow reading with a lot of mistakes. Other signs are incorrect spelling, avoiding tests that require reading and writing, bad memory skills and inadequate vocabulary, among others.

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