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Even though the results of a hearing test might be unsatisfactory, this does not mean that a person in question should start panicking, for this only means that the aging process had begun to affect one's faculties more substantially than before. And as for the gradual loss of hearing, as one nears the autumn of his/her life, it is quite a normal occurrence. This specific kind of loss of hearing is known in medical circles under the name of presbyacusis.

Having in mind the factors and culprits that are known to induce certain or significant loss of hearing, those regarded as the most common ones include exposure to excessively loud sounds (power tools, machinery, arms etc.), as well as the genetic build of a person in question. In spite of the fact that it is regarded as quite rare, people who are older than 55 may also suffer significant loss of hearing due to the unfavorable effects of ear infections and injuries to the inner ear.

Once the hearing faculty begins to deteriorate, people most often turn to the hearing aid for help, i.e. devices that help a person cope with this problem on a day to day basis. However, what each person should know and be aware of is that even the hearing aid is not almighty and has its limitations. Still, putting them aside, a proper and quality hearing aid is something that will most certainly improve the person's quality of life, as well as his/her ability to perform a number of daily tasks with more ease.

Loss and how to act

Once the person's hear cells (held responsible for sound transmission) are harmed in any way, hearing problems will start to appear, disabling one from distinguishing the sounds that the ear comes in touch with, clearly and without effort. Therefore, it is vital to make a first step immediately and pay a doctor/ENT a visit for the purpose of examination, determination and treatment of all the underlying causes of hearing loss as such.

The test in question is employed for the purpose of measuring to what extent a person in question hears words that have been isolated from the general context of a particular sentence in a situation that is perfect, i.e. characterized by excellent volume, deprived of any external noise and distractions etc. Regarded as a great score is 90%, but what happens quite often is that people score only 60%, which points out to the fact that the person in question has more severe issues with hearing.

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