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As we already know, hearing aid represents a helping device that gets attached to the person's rear part of the ear, extending also partially into the person's ear canal. In more technical terms, hearing aids represent electro-acoustic 'bodies' whose primary role is to amplify the sound waves coming from the person's surroundings, so the person in question could register them in a proper manner. Hearing aids as such, are especially meant for those people who suffer from hearing loss problems.

Since there exists a great number of different manufacturers, many a time finding the most appropriate and suitable hearing aid can turn into a task that will not only take quite a lot of time and effort, but also affect the person's budget significantly. Therefore, it is essential for the person to inform on this matter as much as possible and in detail, so he/she could properly compare those hearing aids that are available and opt for the right one, fairly quickly. In case a person who is in need of a hearing aid is a bit low on budget, it is also possible to ask the insurance company for help, in the form of cost coverage.

Already tried out and confirmed

In order to simplify the entire process of hearing aid acquisition, in continuation one can find a list of those hearing aids that are considered to be more quality and more effective than others:

GN resound air plus – is equipped with no less than three hearing aid channels. However, at a price of around 1,699 US dollars it is certainly not placed in the category of those cheap ones. In addition to its aforementioned big plus side, there comes a three-year repair warranty and it includes local services. Also its great strength lies in the fact that the batteries that come with it have proven to be quite endurable and they last for minimum of three years. Oticon dual connect V – represents an even more upgraded version in comparison to the model mentioned above, namely, it has six hearing aid channels. But, one factor that might turn a lot of people down is its price – near 2,399 US dollars. The 3 years of local services, as with the above referred to model, represents one of the upsides, as well as batteries that have been tested and proved to last even above the three years mark. In addition, it is also available in gray and blonde. Phonak exelia art – has by far the greatest number of hearing aid channels – 20 of them. The price is approximately 2,799 US dollars and it comes with a 3 year long warranty, and the same goes with batteries in terms of their duration. What it offers, and the other hearing aids do not, is the facility of zooming into particular sound.

Other quality hearing aids also include the likes of Rexton calibra 1 PRO (1,699 dollars), Siemens life 300 (1,899 dollars), Sonic I touch 12 (2,399 dollars), Starkey S 11 BTE-ITC (2,499) and Unitron element 16 (1,999 dollars).

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