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The fact familiar to almost any person today is that temperature stands for a most straightforward indicator of the quantity of heat that is present in the system in question. Heat as such also represents one of the forms of energy. Furthermore, each reaction that takes place inside our bodies happens at a specific energy, as well as temperature level. And if a person wishes for his/her body to function properly, it is essential for this body temperature to be maintained at those most appropriate levels. In this regard, it is crucial to emphasize the role of the core body temperature, which presents one of the most vital factors. In addition, it is this core temperature that is taken into consideration each time a person undergoes a health condition check up.

What most of the people is well familiar with is the fact that mammals are different from all other life forms because the body temperature is always maintained at a level which is constant, and in spite of any occurring temperature changes in the environment.

Regarded as normal

Another definition of the core body temperature states that this temperature represents the one at which all the human body functions take place and continue with their activity in an optimal-efficiency mode. One important fact is that the human body temperature is not consistent, which means that the temperature of our internal organs is much higher than that on the outside. In this regard, the core body temperature denotes and refers to the temperature of the internal organs. As such, it is a bit higher than the temperature of the external layers. Also, the temperature that characterizes the rectum or the vagina is taken to be the core body temperature.

The ideal temperature

Having the most appropriate and perfect core temperature in mind, it must be pointed out that it amounts to 98.60 degree Fahrenheit, or 37.70 degree Celsius. Important to bear in mind is that the temperature in question is taken to be the average body temperature. In general, the temperature has variation tendency scope of 96 Fahrenheit (i.e. 36 Celsius) to 100 Fahrenheit (39 Celsius). But the aforementioned most proper core body temperature is the one essential and necessary for the body systems to be able to function at their best, i.e. with topmost efficiency.

Another important fact to remember is also that the core body temperature has the tendency to change, depending on the specific time of the day, as well as on psychological condition of the person in question.

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