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Turner syndrome

Turner syndrome is the medicalterm for the condition characterized by the missing and incomplete sexchromosome. This disease occurs only in the girls or women. In the majority ofcases Turner syndrome is diagnosed early in the infancy or childhood of girls,but sometimes it is diagnosed later in adolescence because of unnoticeablesymptoms.

Complications of Turnersyndrome

Turner syndrome is a disorderthat must be medically treated, because otherwise, it can cause some seriouscomplications, such as heart problems, cardiovascular disease, the loss ofhearing, kidney problems, immune disorders and dental problems. However, visualproblems, skeletal problems and some pregnancy complications are also possible. Insome cases, females that suffer from Turner syndrome have inborn heart defectsand abnormalities that furthermore lead to some serious conditions. Forexample, if the aorta is defected, it can cause aortic dissection, which is atearing of the inner layer of aorta: or, if the valve between the heart and theaorta is defected, aortic valve stenosis can occur, which is narrowing of thevalve.

Turner syndrome may causediabetes and hypertension which, on the other side, can lead to the appearanceof some serious cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, Turner syndrome mat bethe cause for the loss of hearing because of gradual loss of nerve function.Females with Turner syndrome can even have some skull shape irregularities,which is why middle ear is frequently infected and the loss of hearing iscommon in these cases.

Malformation of the kidneys isnot rare for the girls with this syndrome. Hypertension and urinary tractinfection can be caused by these malformations, though Turner syndrome may alsobe the main reason for the developing of some immune system disorders, such ashypothyroidism and celiac disease. Females who have Turner syndrome canalso have poor and abnormal development of teeth, marked by crowded teeth and apoorly aligned bite. Weak muscle control of eye movements and farsightednessmay be caused by Turner syndrome. Scoliosis, kyphosis, and osteoporosisare skeletal disorders that may be results of the problems with the growthand bone development, which usually accompany Turner syndrome.

High blood pressure, gestationaldiabetes and aortic dissection are the main complications that a pregnantwoman suffering from Turner syndrome may have to deal with. Itis not unusual that girls and women with this syndrome have some psychologicalproblems which are related to low self-esteem, depression and anxiety, as wellas problems with functioning in a society.

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